Here is  a peek at Chapter 3:

Leaving a Legacy

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…”
-Proverbs 29:18

Who is the man who has not thought of leaving a legacy behind in this life? All of us want to be remembered for something, but it is the Christian’s life and how he lived it that is different from all other men.

The Christian lives and dies for Christ. He has one eye on the present of how he can accomplish this and one eye on the future. He is aware that his time is short and that his life is but a vapor, yet he knows that by the way he lived his life that he will impact lives--for good or bad. A wise man thinks of how he can leave a legacy.

In order to build a strong home, you need to think ahead. Think of the architect who begins to build a beautiful cathedral. He doesn’t just start slapping brick and mortar together. No, instead the opposite is true; he sits down and plans his dream, he refers to professionals for counsel, and then he will sketch out his masterpiece.

In the same way, we should not just haphazardly approach building up our homes. We need to be purposeful. We need to look down the road, we need to consult the Bible, we need to get wise counsel, and we need to plan.

Many of you come from dysfunctional homes. Homes broken with abuse, divorce, neglect, you name it. This is an opportunity to put a stop to that vicious cycle that has perpetrated its ugly head in past generations. It is time to change what Satan has stolen and rebuild the walls.

Not only that, but it is time for healing to begin and to make way for a new, strong generation. It is time to think not only of ourselves but of the future, of our children, and of our grandchildren.