"How to Build a Strong Christian Home is filled with gems and nuggets to take away and apply to our every day lives.  There is much application and it is a book that will challenge and spur you on in your role as a Christian wife and mother.  We are reminded that just because there are Christians in the home doesn't mean Christ is the foundation of the home.  It begins in our hearts.  As I read I kept coming back to this line in a favorite hymn, "On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand".  It will be a book you will return to time and again." Marci, The Thankful Homemaker

"June Fuentes, from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, has written an extraordinarily practical, wise book about all things building a Christian home culture. For the mom who already understands building her home and the power of her influence, the book is an excellent shot in the arm, jarring us from our daily doldrums.

For the new mom, or a mother just beginning and desiring to understand how important her role is in building a Christian home, June’s book is packed with encouragement but also practical ideas about how to do it.

In a culture that treats home as merely a stopping place for people to eat and sleep, How to Build a Strong Christian Home is a much-needed clarion call for the church, the family and the Christian community, to reestablish the foundation of Christian culture. If we are to ever see the transforming power of Christ’s work in our churches and communities, we must first ignite it in our homes."

-Kelly, Generation Cedar

June Fuentes' new work, How To Build A Strong Christian Home is Scripture-inspired, grace-based, family building tool for Christian fathers and mothers who believe that the desire to keep God's commandments, renew our minds, and take every though captive and make it obedient unto Christ, is a result of the Holy-Spirit's work in our lives. "  -Jacinda, Growing Home 
Junes’ book is filled with all sorts of practical advice, quotes, and examples to encourage a Christ-centered home, filled with peace and the love of God. It was so refreshing to read how her family spends time at the “family altar,” because it reminded me of how we do things at our house!

This is not a book for the “perfect” family, since such a thing does not exist this side of eternity, but is a book written for mortals who know that trusting in God to use sinners who slip every-so-often is still the best way to live on planet earth.  - Sherry, Large Family Mothering

 I absolutely loved this book – it covered Biblical-based topics that hit so close to home – from family devotions, seeing your family as a ministry and finding ways to work together for Christ outside and inside the home, protecting your home from ‘foxes’ of the world, and simply allowing your house to be a place of love and joy, radiating God’s peace. It doesn’t matter if your children are older and you feel as if it may be too late to change, God’s grace is sufficient – and it is NEVER to late to begin – or refresh and renew – a full-hearted approach to creating a God-honoring home. -Gillian, Gigi's Blog

June’s book, How to Build A Strong Christian Home, is packed full of encouragement for parents who want to obey God’s commands, and lead their family in a God-centered way.  You will be reminded  just how important your role is, as a parent, and how much influence you can have on not only your children, but also the generations to come.This book is very practical, and  will help many who want to have a strong Christian home, know what they can do to make that happen.

I love how she clearly points out that none of us are perfect parents, and none of us have perfect homes.  However, with the help of God, and with His grace, He can use our imperfections to help us grow more like Him, and depend on Him.

Some of my favorite parts of the book are the reminders and tips about supporting our husbands, and her words of exhortation about not being robbed of the simple joys of life. Chapter 6 talks about teaching God’s Word in our homes, and shepherding the hearts of our kids.  Those two things are SO foundational to all that we do as parents.   It’s something we probably know, but can always be reminded of!

For me the biggest challenge was the reminder of where MY heart is as a mom.  It’s not enough to work to win my kids’ hearts; it start with my heart being turned toward them. -Kathie, The Character Corner

A lovely, thought provoking, challenging and convicting (!) eBook.  Have you ever wondered what “Bible time,” and worshipping at home looks like?  Many of us are first generation Christians and don’t know where to start.  June covers this topic, (and so many others) even giving a detailed glimpse of what that hour in her home looks like.  Thank you June!  -Jennifer, The Focused Homemaker

Even though this book was primarily written for wives and mothers, I gained a lot from reading it. It is perfect for older daughters at home, who are preparing for that blessed role. I would highly recommend this book to every stay at home daughter and homemaker in training. You will be wise to read it and learn from the wisdom found in this book. I came away very thankful that I had read it- I learned a lot and became much more aware of certain things, especially in the areas of influences, entertainment, conversation and quality time with family, guarding your home and making your home a  place where Christ is reflected throughout.

Another little detail that I really appreciated was all the quotes throughout the book- from Charles Spurgeon, JR Miller, Voddie Baucham, and many more. The questions at the end of each chapter are really helpful too.

This book was amazing! It covered everything that you need to consider and think about when building a Christian home- everything from leaving a legacy, the imperfect home, the role of parents, purposeful conversation, guarding your home, influences, ministry, and much more. As I was reading I just kept thinking how there really wasn't anything that was left out. I am sure that I will be referring back to this book often!  Libby, A Noble Calling

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